$5 Joints
3 Pack for $12

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$5 Off/gram on Concentrates
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 11am

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$5 Off/gram on Concentrates
Monday - Friday 8pm - 9:50pm

New lowered prices on Quarters, .5 OZ, and OZs

Today's Prices

Live Resin


Wax $25/Gram
Shatter $18/gram (Select Grams)
Gram $10
Half 1/8th $17.50
Full 1/8th $35
Quarter Ounce $60 (New Lowered Price)
Half Ounce $110 (New Lowered Price)
One Ounce $100 (select strains)-$170


    • 3054 Larimer St.
    • Denver, Co.


    • Open Every Day 9AM-9:50PM

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