Pass The Dutchie

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Pass The Dutchie

“Pass the Dutchie” is a familiar term to most of us seasoned “pot heads”. When we hear it, it evokes a sense of friendship and togetherness, and probably also the desire to burn one down in a tribute to Musical Youth. 

Although the cannabis movement is now finally in full swing, a lot of us have been medicating with mama ganja long before her overdue local legalization. We are no stranger to a healthy relationship with Mary Jane, even if it always has been one of the forbidden kind. It is in this dawning age of curiosity, open-mindedness, and uninhibited motivation that we can finally come into the light and join in a circle for a long awaited family session.

But as we step into the future, a cloud of vapor left rolling in our path, we must take the hands of those who have never walked in the same direction. So many humans who would have never entertained the idea of “marijuana” before now, are beginning to ask questions, because for once in their life they feel they are allowed to do so. They are finally allowed to hear the amazing success stories, without them being drowned out by filth propaganda meant to make us fear our most magical medicine.

In light of all the healing and medicinal properties, cannabis is becoming deeply rooted into our culture and all of our lives. We must share with the world what we know. That cannabis is not only capable of producing hemp for clothes and paper, or medicine for the cancer patient, or even food for the soul, but it is also capable of building bridges. It connects the young and the old, the experienced and the new, the weak and the strong. It connects you to me, connectingus all.

We no longer live in a time when we are shadily buying weed for our grandma with glaucoma. This is the time when we go shopping with our grandparents to find something (and there is something!) that specifically fits their needs. So the next time you “pass the dutchie”, make sure the circle includes EVERYONE. (***provided that they are over the legal age of 21***)


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