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I’m ”Super Lightweight”. I’m the shop’s pansy reviewer. I’m all about the low dose; high doses turn me into a rock (couch lock x 100). Since I prefer to be more functional, I only test low dose options.

Tested a weeded up, low dose, marshmallowed hot chocolate. I'm a super lightweight (it's my super power), so I don't review often. But this shit was lovely, and I'm going to order us some.

The company is Coda Signature. They make beautiful chocolates. They brought in their chocolatier before doing anything else, and it shows. They have truffles, and one of my favorite things, hot chocolate. I volunteered to test that one. Seeing as I'm the buyer, I handed it right over to myself. (I'm a good boss to me, after all.)

First of all, this is, like, ridiculously tasty; creamy, rich, smooth, chocolatey. I made it with warm milk, but the package doesn't tell you what liquid to add it to, it's up to you. I want to bathe in it. (Seriously, my inner goddess wants a tub full, along with a lovely man to keep it warm, but that's another review altogether, wink wink nudge nudge.) As a chocolate connoisseur, I'm beyond impressed. I didn't taste the cannabis at all; it was just remarkably good hot cocoa.

At about 55 minutes, I started falling in love with my house. (That’s how I knew it had hit!) I was sitting on the couch, staring at a wall for about 20 minutes, telling myself the stories behind my art, and the people behind the art; noticing the carved thistle on the mantelpiece, just smiling. Thirty minutes later, I started writing. Strong creative kick. I felt happier than I have for a minute. A guy laughing outside made me smile, the cat made me smile, the keyboard under my fingers made me smile. 

It continued for a few hours. Creative, awake, comfortable. One of the nicest, easiest, and kindest highs I've had in a bit. Softly potent. Didn't hit like a train. Lasted long enough. I love low dose options, and this one is now at the top of my list. Until I gain 80 pounds and learn moderation. Or die smiling. One or the other.

I might have to wait for the beginning of fall to order this, it's a cold weather drink. But it'd be good for car camping! Or cold summer nights at the hot springs... or Tuesdays with the AC turned up! I think I'll be ordering this before fall. If only for me, and my luckiest friends.

All in all, this was an ideal low dose high, delivered in an exquisite chocolate square. 

*As always, consume responsibly and safely. Start small. Wait. Be patient. 


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