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Café Olé…The Coffee and Cannabis Experiment

There hasn't been a lot of studies about the interaction between drinking coffee and the use of Cannabis. Some say it intensifies the high, some say it prolongs the high, and some say coffee doesn't affect the high what so ever. Because drinking and smelling coffee is associated with the feeling of euphoria, researchers have claimed that drinking coffee while smoking could cause the coffee drinker to develop a strong desire to wake and bake with a cup of Joe all the time.

I'm a heavy coffee drinker. (I drink coffee like it is water.) My go to strain lately has been Strawberry Banana. With that being said, I'm very aware of the buzz and high I get from drinking and smoking the two separately.

Strawberry Banana for Botanico is a 70% indica, it generally tests in the mid 20s for THC. It's a cross between Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush. Because coffee is such an upper and Strawberry Banana is a downer, I had no choice but to conduct my own experiment. I bravely volunteered myself to be the Guinea pig of my own test.

So this is how it went... I woke up at my usual 6am and start my electric kettle to boil some water while I take my dog out. By the time I get back, my water is ready and I'm ready to grind my beans. My French Press fills my coffee cup 4 times while I watch yesterday's news. I feel my usual content and happy buzz. I then grab my Pax2, which is loaded with Strawberry Banana, and take a few hits before I take my dog out for his long morning walk. 

The combination of my coffee and Strawberry Banana was... Fun. I wouldn't say my high was intensified, nor was it prolonged... It was just fun. It made my walk with my little man more giggly and silly. I found myself more willing to chase squirrels with him with having no fear of looking like the craziest person on Colfax.

This was a nice contrast from just smoking Strawberry Banana solo, because I usually smoke that after work if I want to unwind and just relax. So I guess in short, my experience with drinking coffee and smoking cannabis was as if I created the silliest hybrid and I loved it!

The effects on an individual will vary depending on a person's tolerance to both caffeine and Cannabis...

As well as what strain and how much the person smokes or drinks.

My experiment was obviously not a controlled scientific experiment. It was just a good excuse to drink a bunch of coffee and smoke my favorite strain. I have no regrets.


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