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Dear Annie,

I found you all thru Pot Guide and I wanted to reach out and see if anyone there would be willing to help me.  I am new to all of this and have done some research but it can become a little overwhelming.  I have some questions as what strain might work best for me, dealing with depression, energy, social fears, etc.  So yes, basically, I am looking for that miracle pill!!  HAHAHAHA!  Also smoking vs. vaping????  

Your friend, 


Edwin, darling!

Welcome to our little corner of the world! I’m here to help. 

Yes, there’s a lot of information. Yes, it can be overwhelming. So instead of listing out all of the possible strains that may work, which the marvelous inter webs can give us in seconds flat, let’s get a broad general sweep going and hope it guides you in the right direction.

Right off the bat, what works for depression might not work at all for social fears or anxiety. Depression, again, super general here, is a black hole. It’s an energy suck. Suck, suck, suck. Anxiety can be the exact opposite, an excess of energy. Two very different issues. There is no miracle pill, handsome. We need to breathe deeply and eat right and take care of these scrumptious bodies so that they function right.  The right strain can help you work with what you have.

In an general sense, Sativas are good for energetic happy highs, and tend to lend themselves well to social situations. Energizing and creative, this type can open you up, and get you happy. Too much, though, and it can tip into the anxious range. Indicas are better for calming your tits. For easing anxiety, for helping you sleep, for keeping you slow and joyfully sloth-ish. Too much, and you’re just gonna sleep. If that’s the goal. If not, eh.

Hybrids/ strains with indica or sativa dominance, can hit a bit of both. This is where I’d advise you start. These tend to blend the two nicely. For me, (because I can only speak for me, and I’m not a doc or medical professional, it keeps me engaged and bold and outgoing, but keeps me calm enough to not get anxious or awkward. 

There’s a significant amount of personal research; finding what works best for you takes a minute. I’m not copping out, it’s truly how you’re going to find out what flips the right switches. I can tell you what strains might work best, but you’ve done some research, and you can narrow that down over time. You can absolutely conquer that on your own (I have faith in you!). Start small.

Keep notes. “On this day, I tried a sativa dominant hybrid, Classico Butter Snauce, and it had me making friends with randos at Taco Bell. Workable, try again.” or “Holy Mother of Christ, that shit had me couch locked at a party. May be a better strain for dealing with anxiety at home or with a small group of friends.” Investigate. Investigate with people you trust.

As to smoking v. vaping, darling, I’ll be brief. Smoking is lovely; nice quick hit, roll on. But it smells and is as discreet as farting in church. Vaping can be a bit easier on the lungs, and is significantly more discreet. We can get deeper, but let’s start here, shall we?

Be well, Edwin, my newest friend, and holler if you have more questions!

bang bang, puff puff,

Annie Tokely


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