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     Botanico is a community driven store. The customers that come in week after week, sharing their feedback with us are a big part of that community. Their feedback helps us understand the needs of the end-user: what strain combinations provide the best highs and terpene profiles in our concentrates, what packaging works the best, what products they’d like to see and so on. Daily interactions and anecdotal stories of how a strain affected a customer is what helps our budtenders provide an accurate service of suggesting strains based on their effects in the future. 

     My biggest joy is the unique opportunity that I get to see and know who the end-user of our product is.  I attain a connection with them, and through that interaction identify why they use the products they do. It’s because of these diverse individuals, interactions and connections, that I fall in love with my job a little more every day. 

     Prior to working in the cannabis industry, even though I objectively understood that people from all walks of life used cannabis, I never fully grasped the scope of how unifying the plant truly is. Being exposed to roughly 7000 customers, every week, walking through the doors of Botanico, one thing to me is clear- everyone smokes pot. Bankers, school teachers, festival goers, servers and cooks, engineers, physics PhD candidates, metal heads, hip-hop artists, painters and poets, local graffiti artists that make RiNo an art gallery, personal trainers, single moms that work all night and need help cleaning the house while the kids are at school- all coming from extremely different backgrounds, education, and life experiences. Regardless of the roles they play in day-to-day life, I see the same thing in each and every one of them- the twinkle in their eye that they get when I ask them “Describe to me the high your looking for”. 

     Sometimes, when I’m standing at the express line of Botanico, I can see people who are all loyal customers of our store, all whom have shopped with me personally several times a week for many months. I know their stories, what they did the weekend before, I remember their go-to strains and what products they like, we’ve shared jokes, laughs, and smiles, and I know that they are all good people. Two of them are college buddies, one is a business owner with hundreds of employees, there’s a server who is rushing off to her 6pm shift in the neighborhood, a programmer sitting with his laptop case while glaring awkwardly at the ceiling, sitting next to a lovely couple (that wear wizard-like garments with gemstones) who are in town yet again for a rave and stopped by their favorite dispensary. In these moments I’ve stopped what I was doing, looked out at the people in the store and said “You are all family and don’t even know it, thank you for being here and part of this whole thing.”


    • 3054 Larimer St.
    • Denver, Co.


    • Open Every Day 9AM-9:50PM

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