A Ritual for Edibles

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Everyone has their preferred ritual for smoking. Some pull out their tray, ready a paper, grind up the flower, and lick the whole thing closed before inhaling a nice long puff. Other rituals begin earlier, glass cleaning on a weekly basis so every smoke uses clear, beautiful pipes. And nearly everyone has a ritual during: passing a joint along with a smile, positioning the glass just so to note that it’s ready for the next person, leaving a bag of weed air out for anyone who needs more.

With edibles, it’s harder. The doses are so particular, so small, that usually it amounts to everyone popping a mint, a chocolate, a cracker, then getting out some more flower to pass the time before the high sets in. An edible tends to be a simple act that won’t pay off until two hours later.

That interim time, however, can be your ritual.

Whenever I finish working several days in a row, I always buy some of The Coffee from Canyon Cultivation for the following day. For me, it’s perfect. A solid 10 mg dose, filled with energy, but wonderfully chill. Exactly how I prefer to rest my feet and brain. I wake up at my usual hour, drink The Coffee, and spend the next hour or so having breakfast, stretching, and washing away all the grogginess so that my high can be spent away from the bed.

Then, in the minutes before the high sets in, I figure out what I want to do. Sometimes, it’s just readying Final Fantasy XV and making sure I don’t have any updates. Sometimes, I’ll grab my current book, set the lamp just so, and make sure I have ample snacks on hand. I don’t want to interrupt my high with mundane responsibilities, so I get everything out of the way. When my high hits, I sit, sink in, and have myself an experience.

This winter, I had the most amazing high yet. As always, I woke up, drank The Coffee, and began setting up. First, a new record that had just arrived from my favorite artist, David Bazan. I grabbed the liner notes and, as my high hit, got the record spinning. As the first gentle notes surrounded me, my dog Alonso jumped into my lap, warming me from the cold. Outside, the snow started falling. Then, unplanned, the trailer for an adaptation of my favorite childhood series—A Series of Unfortunate Events—came online. My other dog Amelia jumped up too as I watched.

Thanks to my ritual, I had everything I needed. Dogs to cuddle, music to listen to, lyrics to read and enjoy, and a perfect rendition of a series that I’d been reading at work all year in preparation. All throughout, The Coffee kept me in my comfy chair, its caffeine made me aware of just how perfect my morning had become.

The next time you get an edible, don’t just slam it back and puff away before your high arrives. Make use of your remaining moments of level-headedness and set everything up. Prepare yourself for an experience, something suited just for you, as my perfect high was. When your mind flutters and your body relaxes, you’ll be ready. Life doesn’t need to interrupt you for a few hours.

You’ve found a new ritual.


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