Looking for the best deals you can find in a Denver recreational dispensary? We’ve got you covered! We do everything we can to get you the best price on concentrates in the Colorado cannabis world. Check this page often to see what specials we are currently running.

28 single gram joints $50 pre tax.

get a 28 pack of full gram joints for $50 pre tax!

4g Buckets for $50, 8g for $90

Get a 4g bucket of Botanico FSE, Budder, or Shatter processed by Green Dot Labs for only $50 before tax! or get 2 buckets for $90!!

October Edible Blowout!

buy one get one for $1 on select edibles

Products include: Beboe, Coda, Northern Standard, Canyon, Teajuana, The Clear, Sweet Grass, Robhots, Root of it All, and MORE!

Pre Weighed Ounces $140 pre tax

select pre-weighed ounces $140 pre tax.

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Shake Ounces $50 pre tax

buy an ounce of shake for $50 pre tax. $63 out the door. not valid with other deals and discounts