Looking for the best deals you can find in a Denver recreational dispensary? We’ve got you covered! We do everything we can to get you the best price on concentrates in the Colorado cannabis world. Check this page often to see what specials we are currently running.

$25 Minimum on Purchases

Due to COVID-19 and out new pricing, there will be a $25 minimum on purchases/orders. But with all these great deals, why not stock up?

25% off LOCOL LOVE Rosin

25% off Select LOCOL Love Premium Rosin

4g Buckets for $50, 8g for $90

Get a 4g bucket of Botanico FSE, Budder, or Shatter processed by Green Dot Labs for only $50 before tax! or get 2 buckets for $90!!


Take 25% off all CSC and HRVST Live Products!

Live to Smoke Live

Get 10% off when you purchase 4 grams of Solventless Live Rosin  or take 15% off with the purchase of 8 grams.  Mix N’ Match as you like.  Multiple brands.  Multiple strains.  Have fun.  Go nuts.

Mary’s CBD Transdermal Gel Pen Sale

Take 20% off Mary’s Medicinal CBD Gel Pens!

Pre-Packaged Joint Sale!!

Sure, we aren’t selling single or 3-pack joints, but with these prices who cares!!

7 joint for $25

14 joints for $38

28 for $60!

Pre-Weighed Flower Sale

Deli-style flower service is gone for now, but look at these pre-weigh prices (pre-tax!)!!

Eighths – $20

Quarters – $25

Half Ounces – $50

Ounces – $99

Ugly Budder Sale!! 4g for $20

Tomahawk Budder 4g Buckets for $20 before tax (that’s $5 a gram!) Sure, it doesn’t look too pretty, but it still gets the job done!