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Botanico was established in 2009 as a medicinal dispensary in the state of Colorado. In 2014 Botanico became a recreational dispensary. When doing this we kept our patient and customer service mentality. We are one of the most reviewed and highest rated dispensaries in the USA. We are consistently part of the conversation as one of the best dispensaries in Colorado.

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Brittney Mattson - Local Guide on Google

"Went in for concentrates special so I didn't really get a chance to check out other products like flower or edibles. But the set up of the store is unique and the budtenders are personable. I've already told a couple friends about this place and I'll be back soon."

Amy C. on Yelp

"This is my first time going into a dispensary and I love the setting of this place. They have intimate rooms where you have someone to answer all you questions and show you all the different things they have. Great customer service! The girl was had was so sweet and super helpful."

Diego Quintana on Google

"Loved the private booths felt very comfortable asking a million questions because no one else is around to judge. Sarah was very knowledgeable, caring and patient with all my needs!"

busterbrown6105 on Leafly

"Botanico is #1 for live resin and always has the best concentrates by far!!!...the bud tenders there are always very helpful and knowledgeable about all their products...this place is highly recommended. .if ur in town, DO NOT pass on this place, you will definitely not be disappointed!!"

Twalker513 on weedmaps

"My buddies and I are on a road trip to Cali and decided to check out a bunch of local shops. This shop was by far our best experience. The girl Sara who helped us was a amazing!! She knew her bud and gave us accurate descriptions of the high. The prices are insanely affordable and the bud is fire 🔥🔥 10/10 recommend!" -

Chris H. on Yelp

"Without a doubt, the best dispensary in the city...maybe in the country. I ALWAYS come by here when I'm in town and am never disappointed. Highly recommend you any real smokers! Sarah is amazing! You rock, girl!"

Vinnyluv on Leafly

"I got to ask a lot of questions on each strain to narrow down what I needed for personal use. The lady that helped me was very informative. I'll be back... :)"


Our Staff

Our budtenders are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. We are not just users of the product, we are critics and connoisseurs. Shop our express counter if you know what you want–it carries our products already weighed out and packaged so your visit can be quick. We also offer a free consultation with one of our budtenders. At a private service counter, you can ask any questions about products with a knowledgeable staff member. The in-house team operates in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20 and turns every visit into a positive customer experience. We encourage you to speak with a knowledgeable dispensary team member. Visit our location or contact us. We don’t mind answering emails or receiving calls.

Our Product

Botanico offers the best in high-quality, lab-tested cannabis products that Colorado marijuana industry professionals offer. Each product is rigoursly reviewed and tested by staff. This gives a us an in-depth understanding of the market and its trends. It allows us to hold the best possible product at the fairest price. We are marijuana connoisseurs.

3.5 Grams

1/4 Ounce

1/2 Ounce

1 Ounce

$20 $30 $60 $ 99-110
$99 Pre Weighed Ounces Available
*Prices subject to change.

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