Here at Botanico, we have a deeper understanding of customer’s needs for Cannabis. We wanted to create a program to allow our patients to have a one-stop shop for all of their medicinal needs, while still being a recreational store. With the Compassionate Care Program, we will discuss what your personal needs are and what relief options will be most compatible to those needs. By offering a large array of CBD products, it allows our customers to create a truly personalized relief regimen with brands such as: Mary’s Medicinal’s, Incredible Wellness, Root of it All, and Stratos to name a few; and offering tinctures, topicals, tablets, vapes, edibles and more. If you suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, migraines, nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more; this program is for you.


Contact us at to set up a consultation for the program.

CBD Products