AiroPro 500mg Cartridges

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AiroPro 500mg Cartridges

Featuring: Live Resin, Artisan Flavor, Raw Vape, and Live Flower Vape options. Prices vary between options available.

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Product Reviews

AiroPro has been one of our favorite brands for a while. But, some people never liked the more artificial type flavoring that strains like Mountain Mist, Sumatran Sunrise, and Oz’s Orchard. So, AiroPro decided to make something that tastes just like flower and they got it right. These cartridges taste more like an actual flower than any of the cartridges I have tried so far, even though it’s distillate. AiroPro recently came out with the strongest live resin cartridge we tried so far, but the Live Flower Series tasted better and is slightly stronger on effects. Their distillate with the cannabis terpenes added in tastes right on point.

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