Green Dot Black Label Badder

  • THC


Green Dot Black Label Badder

All Black Label products by Green Dot Labs are produced using a proprietary cultivation method specifically geared toward in-house resin production. Upon harvest, the cannabis plant is immediately frozen to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids available for production. In the end, GDL Black Label Badder is a highly respectable and desired concentrate in the Colorado cannabis industry.


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  • 4 Grams


  • 8 Grams


Product Reviews

"The Green Dot Live Badder was a nice and easily pliable peanut butter-y consistency that was extremely easy to use with my refillable vape pen. It makes my favorite way of vaping way easier and more flavorful with the high terpene content present in the concentrate. Green Dot is my favorite extract company right now!"

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