Green Dot Labs Tasting Flight Cartridges

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Green Dot Labs Tasting Flight Cartridges

Each Black Label Experience Tasting Flight features two .5 mL Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Cartridges with vivid, unique flavor profiles that place them clearly within one of the four flavor categories. Initial selections include:

Mai Thai (Sunset Sherbert x Purple Punch) – Tropical Fruit Cocktail
Fuzzy Navel (Headbanger x Han Solo Burger) – Orange Push-Up Pop & Peach Daiquiri

Gunslinger (Starfighter x Stardawg) – Watermelon Gummy Slices, Fresh Ripe Watermelon
Member Berry (Skunkberry x Mandarin Sunset) – Frankincense, Assorted Berries

Fatso (GMO x Legend OG) – Dark Roast Coffee, Garlic, Fuel
Infinity OG (Underdawg OG x I95) – Gas, Earth, Bitter Skunk

OZ Kush (Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp) – Sugary Grape, Complex
Screaming Flo-G (Flo x Screaming OG) – Lilac, Fuel, Earthy

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