Lazercat Crystal Water Hash

  • THC


Lazercat Crystal Water Hash

We hand-wash our in-house flowers with filtered water, ice and
crystals to create our full melt / 6 star / live heads from 90 to
120 micron heads. These have have been chosen as the
cleanest heads with the most terpenes and the fewest
impurities. We carefully hand-trim all our fresh-frozen material,
and dry our Crystal Water Hash just enough to retain quality
without sacrificing terpenes. If you’re looking for the most raw,
pure and unadulterated form of solventless bubble, this is it.


  • 1 Gram


  • 4 Grams


  • 8 Grams


Product Reviews

"I want the best, so why not get the highest quality and least adulterated form of cannabis concentrate? Lazercat always delivers such heady product."

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