Cheeba Chews 100mg Taffy

Strawberry Cheeba Chews
  • 10 Milligrams Per Serving

  • 10 Servings Per Package

Cheeba Chews 100mg Taffy

Cheeba Chews are not only known for their effective and potent edibles, they are also one of the first edible companies to standardize edible lab testing. Each chewy batch is made with pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract, which is then lab tested on a monthly basis, to ensure quality and consistency.


  • Per Package


Product Reviews

“I give this product credit for it's potency considering its discreet size.”

"I smoke a lot of pot. More pot than the average person. It can be really tough to keep a clean high all day long. One that doesn't make you groggy or tired. Cheeba chew is the answer to a discrete, clean high that you can still function through."

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