Coda Signature Chocolate Bars 100mg

Coda Signature Chocolate
  • 10 Milligrams Per Serving

  • 10 Servings Per Package

Coda Signature Chocolate Bars 100mg

Coda Signature chocolate bars start with ethically sourced South American cacao, combined with whole spices and fresh ingredients. Expect robust flavors that blend perfectly with their high-quality cannabis oil. Select your favorite flavor and precisely adjust your dosage with each bite. Available in such flavors like Cream and Crumble, Coffee and Donuts, and Caramel Corn.


  • Per Package


Product Reviews

“I give this delight a high recommendation! I wish these bars came with a non-medicated version as well because it's hard to not eat the entire chocolate bar at once. These have to be the best tasting medicated chocolate bars on the market."

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