Keef Cola 10mg

Keef Cola
  • 10 Milligrams Per Serving

  • 1 Servings Per Package

Keef Cola 10mg

Founded in Boulder, Colorado – Keef Cola has been delivering cannabis-infused soda to nostalgic adults since 2010 and was named “Best Edible” at the 2015 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup. All Keef Colorado drinks are made with top-shelf cannabis oil and natural cane sugar for an irresistible experience for both the pallet and body alike.

  • Raspberry Sparkling Soda
  • Blue Dream Razz
  • Bubba Kush Root Beer
  • Orange Kush
  • Original Cola
  • Purple Passion


  • Per Package


Product Reviews

“I have tried a handful of the sodas and I have to admit that there is little to no cannabis taste nor smell and it never fails to impress.”

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