Teajuana Apple Cider

  • 10 Milligrams Per Serving

  • 1 Servings Per Package

Teajuana Apple Cider

There is no better way to warm yourself up than having a steaming cup of Hot Apple Cider. We craft our Hot Apple Cider from scratch using only the finest organic ingredients available. We do not use any preservatives or artificial flavorings. Our Hot Apple Cider has a full bodied apple flavor with subtle notes of cinnamon and other spices to create the perfect holiday beverage.



  • Per Package


Product Reviews

"It's ski season which means it's finally hot apple cider season. The single serving backs are so convenient. Just add hot water and you're set. It gave me such a pleasant, warm and cozy high. Only thing I'm missing is a fire place and a cute honey cuddle up next to me."

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