Wana Drops

  • 5mg Milligrams Per Serving

  • 20 Servings Per Package

Wana Drops

Wana Drops are made with all natural ingredients in small batches, and infused with
premium sativa, indica and 1:1 extract to ensure a consistent, potent and delicious experience.

Sativa = Tangerine

Indica = Watermelon

1:1= Strawberry Kiwi


  • Per Package


Product Reviews

"I finally found a lozenge that doesn't get gross half way through! I've always had issues with lozenges getting bitter half way through and I was never able to finish one without crunching and swallowing as fast as I could. This wasn't the most ideal situation considering it's recommended that you suck on them for as long as possible for the best effects."

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