Grimace by 14er

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Grimace by 14er

Grimace is a mostly indica strain that brings to mind a large, conic purple character, one of the many off-putting mascots representing a well-known fast food hamburger franchise. The connection makes sense the moment you see the bulbous purple-hued buds produced by Grimace plants. Little is known about where this mysterious phenotype came from, but indica genetics are evident in Grimace’s sedating, mellow effects.


  • 1 Gram

    $ 12

  • 3.5 Grams

    $ 33.6

  • 7 Grams

    $ 63

  • 14 Grams

    $ 117.6

  • 28 Grams

    $ 201.6

Product Reviews

"The perfect after work smoke. This dashingly purple bud helps me melt into the couch, relieving the tension from the day. Awesome sweet taste perfect for a pre-brunch toke to help numb that lingering fun from last night. You might be moving a bit slow with spacey undertones, an ideal indica high if you ask me!"

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