Jack Flash

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Jack Flash

To create Jack Flash, Sensi Seeds started out with their Jack Herer‘s gene pool and then crossed it with Super Skunk and Haze. Jack Flash offers an earthy citrus aroma, impressive yields, and the active cerebral legacy of her Jack Herer parent. This hybrid gets its name from its lightning-fast onset which may prove useful to patients needing immediate symptom relief.


  • 1 Gram

    $ 10

  • 3.5 Grams

    $ 23

  • 7 Grams

    $ 52.5

  • 14 Grams

    $ 98

  • 28 Grams

    $ 168

Product Reviews

"Fast acting psychedelic feels. This skunky strain gets me up and going like only it's mother Jack Herer can. This golden child is a staple before my work outs sending jolts of energy and motivation down my spine. Also great for an afternoon pick-me-up offering enough energy to get me through the day. If you're looking for funky fun you have to add this to your list of must try strains."

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