Who we are

Our website address is botanicommj.com. We are a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary located in Denver, Colorado.

Why we collect your data.

We use cookies and embed third-party tracking tools such as google analytics. Part of this is because Colorado law requires that we verify your age. It is also done to helps us build a better website experience. We want to make sure our customers are finding what they want quickly. When we update our site we monitor how many people noticed and if it was useful to visitors. The last thing we want to do is make you read something you don’t care about. More about Google Analytics policies can be found here, Google Analytics Terms of Service.

We also use MailChimp to collect your basic information and tell you about specials and deals. Mailchimps policies on terms of use and privacy can be found, here.

How we protect your data

Your data will never be given to anyone outside of our staff and marketing team without your written consent. We will never sell your data or provide it to other parties, even if they ask nicely. We understand that our product can be taboo and your data is sensitive. We collect only what is necessary for us to do our job. Your personal data is not stored on this website. There is no information stored on Botanico’s website that holds your personal information.

What data breach procedures we have in place

If a data breach is detected the steps outlined on the Federal Trade Commission‚Äôs website will be followed as closely as possible.

Delete my information please.

If you were signed up to our mailing list or have received an unwanted solicitation from us we apologize. At the bottom of every email we send is an unsubscribe link. This will remove you from our mailing list. This is the only digital marketing we do manually. The rest is automated through ad purchasing. We can also remove you from our mailing list if you contact us. Our information is below.

Our contact information

You can contact us over the phone at (303)297-2273 or email us at hello@botanicommj.com. More information about our location is on our Location Page.