AiroPro 2:1 Distillate 500mg Cartridge

AiroPro 2:1 Distillate 500mg Cartridge

Harmonia is an indica strain bred by combining a Pure Kush and LA Confidential cross with a Sweet Tooth and Juicy Fruit hybrid. This strain’s CBD content tends to be slightly higher than its THC profile, making this indica a great choice for those sensitive to psychoactive effects or patients treating pain, inflammation, or anxiety. With an aroma of sweet lemon and berries, Harmonia delivers functional, clear-headed effects that allow you to stay active and productive throughout the day.


Per Package $ 45

Product Reviews

"The 2:1 ratio for this distillate cartridge makes it so there is very little-to-no psychoactivity. I have an intense social anxiety and smoking this particular ratio throughout my day really calms my antsy, anxious self. "

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