Ascend RELIEVE Cartridge

Ascend RELIEVE Cartridge

CBD + THC formula for body and mind wellness

Created specifically for the everyday vape consumer, Ascend’s Experience platform translates terpene specific entourage effects to simplify your purchase decision. Shopping for cannabis can be intimidating, so we set out to make it easier. Ascend’s proprietary vape profiles are all-natural, flavorful and potent.


Per Package $ 45

Product Reviews

"Ascend has it figured out. The balance between relief of the body and mind is wonderful. I can tell it's strong just from the almost instant edge that gets taken off my shoulders. The first time I experienced the Relieve Vape cartridge, I made the mistake of taking too many big hits off of it because I was expecting to feel the sensation of getting high. Instead, it gave me a floaty, body melting, sensation when I stood up."

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